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Conference topics

The Nanjing conference will convene participants of scholars, advocates and policy makers to discuss about the most relevant research challenges related to urbanization, urban forms, urban-rural relations and urbanism in the mobile internet era. The conference proposes the growing concerns about the transformations including economic disparity, spatial fragments, social segments and governance changes from the network tension of the virtual and physical space. We urge to a sustainable paradigm of future urban and rural form under a new partnership.

Researchers, practitioners, multilateral agencies, civil society and urban-to-rural learning networks will collectively shape debates around how to critically understand and restructure the urban-rural integrated system, contributing to more economically and socially comprehensive relationship between urban and rural regions.

The conference will tackle issues related to urban and rural theories, frameworks, principles and paradigms in the mobile internet era, but also navigate the practices through the challenges. The call for panels and papers will focus on five main aspects of urban-rural urbanism research and implementation in the mobile internet era.

Topic 1 Urbanization in the Mobile Internet Era
Topic 2 New Economy and Rural Revitalization
Topic 3 Mega-city Region with the Mobile Internet +
Topic 4 Public Participation & Governance Transformation
Topic 5 Future City and Design